InterestCheckiing_125x180At Chino Commercial Bank we know that everyone has different financial needs. So when it comes to checking, we give you a selection of accounts with different features and benefits — limited or unlimited check writing, interest-bearing or non-interest-bearing. For savings, you can choose from accounts that offer traditional features to those that provide limited access, and may offer higher rates of return.

Work with one of our knowledgeable and experienced bankers to select the right checking and savings account. Then we’ll talk you through the features and benefits of the other valuable products and services we offer, such as loans and lines of credit, so that we can customize banking that’s just right for you.

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At Chino Commercial Bank, we take pride in knowing our customers personally, and their businesses closely. Our service is always one-on-one and never "one size fits all". If you are looking for a long-term relationship you can count on, look to Chino Commercial Bank.

- Dann H. Bowman, President & CEO

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