Business Services

Because no two businesses are alike, we have a variety of business checking accounts for you to choose from, starting with Basic Business Checking and extending all the way to our comprehensive Analyzed Business Checking. Our savings accounts allow you to choose from options that range from traditional savings features to those that provide limited access and may offer higher rates of return. We also offer valuable business account services, which can add to the productivity, efficiency and bottom line of your business.

Certificate of Deposit (CD)

If your local business has accumulated excess cash that you can invest for at least 30 days, you want a safe and simple way to earn a predictable interest rate on this money with no risk of a decrease in your account value. Chino Commercial Bank offers competitive certificates that pay high interest rates plus the safety of FDIC insurance. You also get the peace of mind that your money will be growing throughout the term of your certificate.

Credit Cards*

A Chino Commercial Bank credit card is the only credit card you’ll need. It is a convenient, safe and secure way to make purchases and access cash, helping you manage your personal finances and bridge the gap between buying now and paying later.

Merchant Processing*

At Chino Commercial Bank, we can help you make more money by offering your customers more ways to pay. Accepting credit cards just makes good business sense. It increases sales, improves cash flow, and reduces check losses.

*provided by third party